Fanning Atoll, Kiribati Untouched & Unreal May 02, 2017 - PEGASUS LODGES

Fanning Atoll, Kiribati
Untouched & Unreal
May 02, 2017

We are so lucky to have a small slice of this absolute gem of an island in the Central Pacific called Fanning Island. Upon setting foot amongst the coconut trees, you are instantly transported back in time to when everything was uncomplicated. Escaping the technology and sometimes manic world of 2017 is a must if you want to reward your soul with a calmness achieved by the fitting stereotype of “running away to a tropical island”. 
The fact that we are literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean means there's nobody in sight when you take you lazy morning stroll a whole 50 meters to check the waves that are feathered offshore by the predominant SE wind direction. Any size is fun out the front with southerly swells wrapping around the reef to create long lefts or a good swell from the north will give you several A-frame peaks to choose from in what is a setup similar to Lowers Trestles in California, but closer to shore and minus the circus! Surf, fish and relax until your heart is content and mind is recharged.
Let Fanning Island Resort clear your head and open your eyes to the simple life.

Alex Pundyk - alex@pegasuslodges.com
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