Fanning Island Surf Report - Untouched and Unreal!

All the options have been on fire at Fanning with the choice of 5 breaks daily delivering 3-6ft open, smooth faces for our surfing delight. Sunset after sunset has given way to days well spent amongst coconut trees, fun waves and cheeky locals.

Still with no tourists in sight, we attempt to comprehend just how lucky we are to surf multiple, quality lefts and rights to ourselves! Each afternoon we embrace the day that has been and sleep peacefully knowing that even though we are all surfed out now, tomorrow will once again assume the form of paradise.

Juliette Budge -

A small left peels down the Fanning reef.

Alex racing down the line.

An A-frame breaks untouched on the Fanning set up.

Playful Fanning Left looking lonely.

Relaxed, easy and fun.

Runner's Right coming to life in a small north swell.

Runner's Right looking very chilled out.

Stroking into an easy roller.

The office.

The roll in at Whaler's is super forgiving.

Whaler's Right looking appealing.

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