Fanning Island Surf Report - Secret Sunsets, A Mystical Paradise

Fanning Island Resort, one of the few places left in the world where your problems include: picking the right wave from the set that’s approaching you sitting solo in feathered offshore conditions, choosing what uncrowded break to surf daily, and whether to enjoy the sunset with a cold beverage or in the water with your favourite board...

Whaler's Left & Right, Runner’s Right, plus Fanning Left & Right have all been producing delicious conditions and teasing our aquatic appetites, providing a gourmet surf menu for us to browse daily. We’ve got to choose from an entree of 2-4ft Fanning Left or Runner's Right handers, a sizeable main course meal dished up at Whalers' and finally a light dessert at dusk at Fanning Right on the high tide with a sweet side of sunset.

Coming back through the postcard worthy lagoon each day in our boats is a pleasant vision with a spectrum of tropical blues and greens spending through the various depths of the warm Central Pacific Ocean. It's a tough life here in paradise!

Juliette Budge -

Which way would you like to surf today?

The Fanning lagoon straight from a postcard.

Fanning Left looking lovely in our front yard.

Ryder stroking into a glassy Whaler's Right.

Alex enjoying a casual take off at Whaler's Right.

Racing down the line on the inside at Whaler's.

A-frame at sunset.

A-frame at sunset.

Golden bliss.

Runner's Right at a playful size.

Runner's Right looking the goods!

A local enjoying the view of his front yard.

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