Fanning Island Surf Report - Dreamy Days in Kiribati

We have been lucky enough to get a warm welcome to 'Whalers', with the soft reef break dishing up some 4-6ft gems for our uncrowded enjoyment. The set up is one of the easier reef breaks around, and even on a lower tide, it's still quite deep which means the drops aren’t as steep, the walls hold up for longer and the turns can be a lot more relaxed—perfect for most skill levels. The feeling of cruising down one of those aqua blue walls with your best mates in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is priceless. 

Out the front, Fanning Left and Right have also given us gifts in the form of 2-4 ft swells, feathered by light and favourable winds. Apart from relaxing bike rides around the island, it's really just been a case of where and when we want to surf the amazing surf constantly on offer. Fanning Island is a very special place.

Juliette Budge -

A leisurely bike ride around the island.

Racetracks in the distance for those opting for a little more of a hollow set up.

Aqua blue and ready to be surfed.

Such a vast wall to work with.

Off the top at Whaler's Right.


I'd say his paddling speed just increased.

Tucking under a friendly Fanning Right.

Super fun conditions.

The office.

It's hard to pick what wave to surf out of every set with nobody else around.

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