Fanning Island Surf Report - Day 2: Fish and Play

We woke up early to find that the swell had dropped a little. Still a few fun ones coming through, but a little inconsistent. After a couple hours and a quick breakfast, we decided to check out the north swell setups. On the way we dropped a line in the water and trolled around the shockingly blue perimeter of the island. The bite was on as soon as the first lure hit the water and didn’t let up. In just 60 minutes of fishing, we pulled in a 14kg barracuda, a 10kg blue fin trevally, as well as dozens of smaller fish of both species. As we cruised the coastline, we also paused to jump in the water and check out the fish filled reefs. The water was so clear, it gave the illusion of looking through a window into coral below. It was an action packed afternoon, and the number of fish caught left everybody amazed and in very good spirits.

Approaching the lagoon, everyone jumped in the water to do a drift dive through the mouth of the channel. The incoming tide pushed us past the pass in the reef at 10 knots. It was exhilarating and landed us on the beach, just a short walk from the property.

To bring the day full circle, everyone paddled out for one last session, and upon returning to Á La Belle Étoile, found the days catch deliciously prepared for dinner by Bruno's wife. The day captured the essence of Fanning—fun, approachable surf, fish that cannot help but bite and an amazing pristine ocean to play in … Effortless enjoyment on the edge of the Earth!

Juliette Budge -

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