Fanning Atoll, Kiribati The Gem Of Central Pacific Feb 23, 2017 - PEGASUS LODGES

Fanning Atoll, Kiribati
The Gem Of Central Pacific
Feb 23, 2017

Imagine a wave so untouched that the local islanders gather to watch when you surf it, even so close to shore that you could have a conversation with them in the line up while your awaiting your pristine waves, so picturesque that it puts postcards to shame and so versatile that you could slowly push learners into gentle lefts while up the beach, your best mates sit comfortably in the tube. Welcome to Fanning Island.
This is just the setting immediately in front of Pegasus Lodges’ new location. Perched upon the unspoiled island paradise of Fanning Atoll, our front yard is Fanning Left and Right, while our backyard is a turquoise lagoon perfect for paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming and fishing. The lagoon was originally used by sailors for shelter whilst on journeys across the Pacific and eventually gained a name in the fickle world of bone fishing, but the surfing potential of the area had not been widely explored. Until now. 
Upon discovering what this gem in the Central Pacific has to offer, we were amazed to find that the prevailing wind direction is pleasantly offshore for at least seven of the breaks within ten minutes of our accommodation (Yes, there's more!). There are three breaks directly on our doorstep and another four waves just a ten minute boat ride around the corner. This week we traded crowded line-ups for coconut trees, steamers for trunks, fast food for fresh fish and the frantic modern world for a rare vision back to when everything was just so simple. 
Fanning Island Resort is an experience you must have.
Juliette Budge - juliette@pegasuslodges.com
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