Fanning Island Resort Surf Report - Sweet, Sweet Fanning

Pastel sunsets have sweetened the Kirabati sky daily here at Fanning Island Resort, and the waves have followed suite in what has been an epic week of surfing, fishing, snorkelling and island tours.

Offshore winds every day have given us so much free time due to the relaxed attitude and confidence that the surf is always there to surf. Four surfs per day is entirely possible on Fanning Left and Right due to the fact you can surf on high an low tides combined with the optimal winds, and we have been doing just that! It's actually quite hard to capture the perfection that's become a constant sight in the picturesque bay because we just want to surf until we can’t move.

To mix things up, we’ve gone fishing and snorkelling in what is one of the earth's most untouched, pristine environments. To be surrounded by such breathtaking natural, unspoiled beauty is a very special thing.

Juliette Budge -

A surfer's empty canvas.

Alex tucking into Fanning Right.

Bobby’s stoked to jump in and admire the local marine ecology.

Empty waves, a common sight.

Hungry fishes here in the Central Pacific.

Love that constant offshore wind.

One of 3 boats we have for our enjoyment.

Planning the attack.

Sunsets for goofy footers.

Sunsets for natural footers.

There is natural beauty everywhere on this island.

We wonder how many of these have rolled through each sunset with nobody knowing.

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