Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Turtle Time

With a fresh week starting here at the lodge, our new guests were greeted with a glassy afternoon at Aganoa Rights, with the waves breaking around the 3-4ft range.

Sunday, being a day of rest here in Samoa, provided a perfect, peaceful start to the trip with a well-deserved sleep in.  A relaxing day followed, full of lazying around in the tropical weather as well as snorkeling complemented by small adventures around the lagoon in the kayaks.

Monday arrived with a new kick in the swell, so we packed the van and did a late mission down to Middles for the sunset session (which our guests ripped apart!). Pleasantly surfed out, our guests enjoyed cold beers on the way home. Everyone had smiles from ear to ear!

We also have been chasing the wind this week, which has paid off for our kite-boarding guest with strong cross on-shore winds. With endless runs in the lagoon, he was one happy customer.

An early morning trip to middles saw 3-4ft waves breaking onto the reef and a light off shore breeze. After some awesome sets, we were surfed out and headed back to the Lodge for lunch, then did a quick mission over to the North side to swim with the turtles.

With the report looking good for out-the-front later this week, we all have our fingers crossed! 

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