Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - To The Kayak!

This week's formula has been simple: Load the van with the kayak, myself, our Samoan surf guide plus our guests, and head straight to Pastor Point. Every day, like clockwork.

The playful point break has been providing us with a blank canvas of fun, rippable rights. No wind has been a blessing for us, and even a light onshore is encouraged as it produces some of those crumbling sections we all love as surfers. Adding to the superb surfing, Aganoa Right refused to be forgotten and gave us great reasons to stay every morning after waking up. Although we have had a handful of quality surfs out the front, Pastor has just been too appealing.

We also enjoyed anchoring the kayak in the lagoon and surfing uncrowded sets for as long as we pleased with nobody around. Ending the day with some volley ball with the locals amongst our lush, green surroundings. Life's good.

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