Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - The Wonderful West

This week we surfed based off of the prevailing conditions, resulting in us traveling to the south coast to surf a few of the mechanically consistent breaks on offer around Savai’i. Aganoa Right, Aganoa Left, Coconut Grove and Middles were all spots we ventured to for different types of waves depending on how mother nature was feeling. All of our rides were super fun, and ranged from smooth, playful lefts to barrelling rights and everything in between; we surfed it all!

A day trip to Coconut Grove resulted in the surfers riding sunny 2-3 ft peaks while the non-surfers embarked on a tour of the West Coast, highlighted by a visit to the ruins of an old church wiped out by towering waves from a cyclone in the 90’s. Next, we meandered around pristine white sand beaches dotted with swaying coconut tress and marked by an enclosed, natural bay perfect for snorkeling. After a picnic lunch, cold beers and great conversation, we headed back to the Lodge to relax amongst the palm trees. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

Aganoa Lodge loves to cater to everyone: from fun loving families to hardcore surfers (often both at the same time), we love making all of our guests happy and excited to be on the glorious island. So, whether you’d simply like to enjoy a cold cocktail with a side of sunset, dig your toes into the beautiful island of Savai’i, fall asleep to the sound of the gently crashing ocean, surf your brains out, or all of the above, come and see us! :)

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