Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - The Arrival

The sun was shining early this morning, so after breakfast we took the short drive into the village to our favourite watering hole, The Afua Aau Waterfalls. A morning rinse in the cool mountain waters, the perfect start to the day, cleansing our skin and our minds. We returned to the lodge mid-morning, where the low tide had reached its ebb and the ocean had begun its return to the reef.

The forecast rise in swell was a little slow to arrive, but hopes were with the incoming tide to assist its appearance. Our guides assured patience would prevail, but it was clear that they too were anxious to see what lay ahead. As we lounged in the tropical sun, eyes fixated on the ocean, small lines of new swell started to appear. After a pinch of the skin to allay fears we were dreaming we reconvened at the bar for to fuel up for the afternoon ahead. A delicious lunch of fresh fish and homemade chips was enjoyed as we watched each set slowly trump the last, a beautifully groomed 2-3ft groundswell filling in from the southwest.

It was an easy decision to hit the water, and the remainder of the afternoon was spent ripping apart the playful conditions, ducking into barrels to avoid the afternoon sun! It was the final night for our wonderful guests, and the sea had a more appropriate farewell than we could have possibly arranged.

The fun run of swell looks to continue as we welcome our next guests, stay tuned with us here at Aganoa Lodge Samoa for more updates, and perhaps we will see you soon!

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