Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Super Powered Swell

The first few days have seen the swell roll in, and with it came jaw-dropping sets with massive barrels tumbling at both Aganoa Right and Left. With the waves pumping, our guests tackled the waves with zest, working with our talented photographer to capture loads of epic action shots.

Our Yogi prepped everyone for the long days of surfing with a progression of neck and shoulder release classes, and also threw in a 'Surfer Sculpt' class which focused on strengthening the quads and loosening up the hips so our guests could execute quick and strong pop-ups for those critical drops. 

We stopped to visit the Alofaaga blow hole on our way over to K-Land and Middles earlier on this week. As ever, the visceral power of its eruptions were nothing short of awe-inspiring. Needless to say, we had way too much fun shooting coconuts into the air. Who knew a blow hole could be so much fun!?

So far everything is rolling along perfectly. Everyone is having an amazing time and we are loving this fun and energetic swell!

On top of all of the surfing and exploring, some of our guests snuck out for a quick fish one afternoon and managed to hook a good sized dog tooth Tuna which put up quite the fight!

Long story short, a great start to the week for all guests.

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