Savaii, Samoa Sun Up/sun Down Feb 14, 2016 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Sun Up/sun Down
Feb 14, 2016

Our week consisted of waking up and surfing perfect 4-5 ft Aganoa until our stomachs made us come in and rest until lunch time. Afterwards, we enjoyed a quick swim at the waterfall, and then raced back to still-perfect 4-5 ft Aganoa. As we surfed the sun set over the horizon, creating a picturesque surf setting. Could a surfer ask for anything more?
With Thursday being our cultural day here at the lodge, all guests took part in observing the traditional way of making local Tapa. Later that afternoon, guests assisted the lodge's chefs in preparing the Samoan Umu for our spectacular Samoan buffet later that night, whilst enjoying the entrancing Fia Fia cultural dance.
It's been one of those vacations we all dream of -- plenty of waves begging to be surfed, relaxing and rejuvenating times, snorkelling crystal clear water, plentiful fishing trips, cold beers and plenty of laughs!
With everyone surfed out by the end of the trip we said our goodbyes, already cherishing the multitude of memories we gained. They'll make for some great stories to share with family and friends!
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