Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Solid Send Off

With the swell peaking at a solid 6 foot through the mid part of the week, we awoke Thursday morning to see a welcome change in the winds, and the much awaited Aganoa Right come to life. With a mid-morning high tide it was an eager crew at breakfast, omelettes and coffee pre-empting our attack on the surf. Some wise words on how to take on the conditions from our expert surf guides and it was on!

Aiden, Nate and Ben led the charge and the conditions were torn apart, wave by wave, drop by drop and barrel by barrel. As surfers we know mother nature doesn’t give up her delights with ease, but each wipeout was rewarded by hoots and cheers of entertaining appreciation!

The Alofaaga blowholes are a staple in our Samoan experience, and with the large conditions at sea we knew we’d be in for true demonstration of the ocean’s power. Thursday afternoon we launched coconuts to record heights, and when our supply had dwindled we took our ecstatic (if not salty!) crew to the local waterfall, for a refreshing swim before returning for sunset appreciation/happy hour back home at Aganoa Lodge Samoa.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge