Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Ripping the Rights!

Guests have exploded into this week by tearing apart a clean Aganoa Right hovering around the 3-4 foot mark, often feathered offshore by a welcome easterly breeze. Literally sending spray back to the mainland, the guys have enjoyed just setting up that end section and firing away. On top of this, the waterfall has been explored plus—fishing trips followed by sunset paddle board sessions. 

The Samoan sunset is a truly incredible scenario that unfolds while reflecting the peaceful yet vibrant culture of the country. There is nothing more authentic than drifting aimlessly on a paddle board, kayak or surfboard as the day pleasantly disappears in a slow shimmer of Alofa (Samoan word for “love”). Aganoa Lodge has some of the best viewing to see out the day, whether it’s in the ocean or over a fresh entrée of sashimi with an ice cold beverage in our beach front dining area. 

An incredible experience every day!

Alex Pundyk -

Slashing the shoulder.

Belting it on the backhand.

Hitchin' a ride as the guests embark on a fishing trip.

The end bowl is a body boarder’s dream.

Casually cruising.

Golden paddle board session.

Synchronised surfing?

Our wonderful waterfall from the sky!

Simmering Samoan Sunset.

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