Savaii, Samoa Pure Pleasure Mar 04, 2016 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Pure Pleasure
Mar 04, 2016

If the crisp, cleansing air of the middle of the South Pacific ocean we breathe here on Savai’i isn’t enough for you, why not travel to our closest waterfall (just 10 minutes from the lodge) to purify your mind, body and soul? It is constantly replenished from depths of the uninhabited Samoan jungle, flowing with the freshest rain water, which has evaporated from areas with next to zero pollution. No smog, power plants, large cities or huge populations. Think about it. 
Surf wise, Pastor Point has still been our best friend with trips there most mornings and afternoons.  With 2-4 ft right handers winding down, a friendly reef is just too appealing not to take advantage of. Last week, I actually surfed the playful point break with the first person who wasn’t an Aganoa Lodge guest in the almost 2 years I’ve been here. Another interesting thought.
Aganoa Right turned on for the last day of our guests trip here and they were stoked to experience it in action. That same day we saw the blowholes shoot coconuts into the air at least 100 metres, topping off quite a satisfying week for guests an guides alike.
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