Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Island Tour

Good times all around this week as we toured around the island that Aganoa Lodge Samoa is based on, Savaii. With variable winds, we ventured down to "Middles” where we found fun 2-3 ft faces to carve comfortably in the warm, tropical South Pacific Ocean. Further along the coast, we explored the hauntingly beautiful ruins of an old church amongst the rest of the luscious jungle scenery Samoa is famous for. Diving deep into the island’s scenery and culture is just one of the many non-surf activities we like to offer to our guests who want that little bit more out of their Samoan dream.

Alex Pundyk -

A fun day at Middles.

Comfortably carving.

Covered on a soft top.

Diving deep into blue.

Island tour, featuring the old church ruins.

Slashing away the day.

Sweeping off the bottom.

Tucking into a fun one.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge