Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Fun for All

Apart from the consistent 2-4ft waves all week with favourable and light offshore winds, the activities on offer at Aganoa Lodge have been in full swing this week!

Kayaking through the luscious lagoon has been a relaxing start or finish to the day while the kids have been enjoying action packed surf sessions on our care free wave, Little Lefts. This break’s proximity to our accommodation lets our lucky guests literally glide to their front door step on their own board or one of our WaveStorm fun boards that we have to use as part of our all-inclusive packages.

The rain has been on and off, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying some snorkelling adventures, a cultural tour and obviously the great waves breaking out the front for all levels of surfers!

Alex Pundyk -

A delicious left.

Aganoa Left looking good.

Another perspective.

Choose your watercraft.

Good times all around.

Immersing themselves in the lovely Samoan culture.

Lagoon fun.

Learning how to grab rail.

Party wave.

Precision surfing.

Pulling in.

Soothing snorkel in front of the lodge.

The end section of Aganoa Right producing the barrels.

The view from within.

Traditional Fia Fia demonstration.

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