Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - All About Activities

This week at the lodge has been a near perfect display of the activities on offer for surfers, couples and families. The waves have been cranking with an easterly offshore wind blowing for the whole week with the swell peaking at around 4ft. With just as many kids as adults, there has been no shortage of smiles on this school holiday escape. 

Endless fun has been enjoyed at Little Lefts on the soft tops, with some even standing up for the first time ever! A special mention must go out to the family who choose to surf tandem on one of our in house paddle boards, their skills going as far as a triplet wave! Another special mention goes out to our father son combo, Luke and Taj - Taj is a ripping surfer who probably spent more time in the water then on land, and his dad, Luke, one day backdoored the middle section in front of a full restaurant of dining guests!

With the loveable Lilly taking care of catching the fish, there was only one thing left to do and that was make a human pyramid at sunset in between our bocce games and cold beverages. On top of all the paddle boarding, kayaking, skilled surfing and fun at the waterfalls, the real thing that stood out was how awesome all of the families were that stayed with us. Aganoa Lodge Samoa - surf resort, couples retreat and a thrilling place for school holiday fun!

Alex Pundyk -

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