Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Adventure Time

So far this week we have surf checked each and every break we surf here on Savai’i, due to the multiple swells pummeling our coastlines. This was also a great excuse to see the beautiful sights around this unique tropical island.

Sunday was a lazy, relaxing day around the Lodge, with some shallow snorkeling followed by careless floating about on a few paddle boards. No stress.

Middles gave us some miniature, mellow waves, meaning an easy going session unfolded in the Monday sun. Earlier that day we were lucky to hit Pastor Point for the dawn surf, immersed in the warmth of the unborn day’s glow whilst fanned by a light offshore wind. Golden, peeling right handers were enjoyed until the morning gently faded into a warm afternoon. 

After another repeat of Pastor Point’s early light show on Tuesday, we then trailed the Southern coast from East to West to reach Coconut Grove - a pristine setting for lunch and surfing alike. On top of all of this, we were also able to fit in a cheeky wave right in front of our Fales at the Lodge! 

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge