Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Adventure and Action

This week's adventurous guests have had an action packed start to the week!

Despite the condition - it is less sunny than normal, the girls took every advantage of the super fun little lefts out the front every high tide. It was a blast, especially since most waves became 'group party waves’ with mals and stand-ups combined. The salt water was washed off with a refreshing dip at the pristine waterfall just down the road, re-energizing all for their next venture.

The Hawaiian ladies have loved comparing and contrasting Samoan culture with their homeland, engaging with the lovely, smiling, ever-sharing Aganoa staff.

A breathtaking hike around the headland at the Resort perfectly demonstrated the amazing lush scenery on offer here, as our guides pointed out the hidden caves and secret wonders of the jungle.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge