Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Surf & Relax, Samoan Style

Upon gazing into some of the most pristine water, you will ever see at the Afu Aau Waterfall, a level of clarity is reached which is simply soothing for the body, mind and soul. Pair this with lazy lagoon days, glowing sunset dinners and clean, 2-4ft surf—and you’ve got yourself a healthy recipe for a relaxing surf holiday.

Aganoa Right has been picking up the SE swell at a fun size with almost no wind so this has meant it assumes more of a beach break style wave and has peaky rights and lefts coming through at different parts of the reef. While the surfers enjoyed the immediately accessible sessions 150 meters from their beds, the non-surfer activities included cultural tours and a trip to the Taga Blowholes.

Exciting times all around here at Aganoa Lodge, the season is off to a fantastic start, and we can’t wait to host you in the near future in our slice of paradise.

Alex Pundyk -

Aganoa Right, clean and casual.

Clean faces waiting for your fins.

Clear your thoughts at the Afu Aau.

Explosive blowholes trip.

Fresh, local produce.

Lazy dip on your doorstep.

Mother nature lights up the appetisers.

Off the top on a playful left.

Sneaking under the peak.

Sunny days with turquoise waves.

Surf guide, Lee, on the hunt for Ahi.

The cultural tour is something special.

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