Savaii, Samoa Non Stop Waves Mar 20, 2016 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Non Stop Waves
Mar 20, 2016

Last week we scored every single day on the waves. Each guest and guide has been putting in a solid 5 hours per day in immaculate conditions between Pastor Point on the low tide and Aganoa Right & Left on the high & low tides. Everyone has been super surfed out each day. Topping it all off, we have admired flawless sunsets whilst clenching crisp, cold cocktails and beers. 
Surfing Pastor Point was some of the best waves we’ve all had in our lives, surf guides included, with perfect 3-4 ft right handers reeling down the reef with everything from barrels to playful sections. 
Aganoa would then be the afternoon pick with tides and winds in favour of pumping surf. Offshore lines rolled through the groomed cove all week varying from 3-8 ft, depending on the day. Little lefts also had some friendly rollers at the same time that Aganoa Right was dishing up some beautiful A-frames. 
The waterfall, blowholes, snorkelling, kayaking and our cultural tour were all hits this week as the non-surf options.
Special mention to all of the talented girls we had surf with us this week, absolutely ripping!
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