Savaii, Samoa Perfect Pastor Jan 20, 2016 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Perfect Pastor
Jan 20, 2016

We’ve had a good run of fun, clean waves on the East Coast over the last few days, with Pastor Point and Blue Pools turning it on. Guests have gone to bed all surfed out, exactly what we love to see.
Pastor Point has pumped out some really fun conditions from the start of the week; with five surfs in three days, the guests’ arm endurance was put to the test with long sessions. With 3-4 foot swell, they enjoyed fun surfs in the mornings as well as in the afternoons, calling our new friends onto the seemingly perfect sets.
The guests had a surf filled day on Tuesday – after an early session at Pastor Point, we ventured five minutes along the road to Blue Pools where we took a short boat ride out to a peeling left. The guests enjoyed surfing the left while non-surfers took some photos from the boat, anchored just off the reef. After the session at Blue Pools, we took a short break from surfing and had a swim on the beach and a picnic for lunch. As the wind and swell were still in our favour on the East Coast, we headed back to Pastor Point for an afternoon session to end the day. Again, Pastor delivered with some clean 4 foot sets the day came to an end with tired arms and smiling faces.
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