Savaii, Samoa Aquatic Adventures Jan 10, 2016 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Aquatic Adventures
Jan 10, 2016

Over the last few days at Aganoa, Huey has delivered some smaller swells. Nevertheless, this did not deter our guests and surf guides from taking advantage of glassy conditions. We had the chance to take out the foamies and the long boards for a few super fun, glassy late afternoon sessions, with a vibrant orange sunset making the perfect backdrop.
It has also given the guests some times to use the other facilities and equipment Aganoa has to offer. Guests have been fishing off both the boat and the kayaks, and whilst dodging resident pet Barracuda ‘George’,  they managed to score a good sized Rainbow Runner off the boat one afternoon.
Sunny conditions have allowed the guests for more fun visits to the local waterfall, as well as superb visibility snorkeling through the channel to the back of the reef, with visits from several inquisitive turtles and countless numbers of fish.
The guests have also had a taste of local Samoan culture this week by visiting the local market, a tapa making demonstration, and a visit to a taro and coconut plantation. This was topped off with a traditional Fia-Fia night here at Aganoa, performed by the local staff members followed by a traditional Samoan feast, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
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