Savaii, Samoa Fia Fia Festivities Sep 05, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Fia Fia Festivities
Sep 05, 2015

With a peak in the swell and our guests looking to get out and explore, it brought us traveling down the coast to K-land during the week. Upon our arrival, we were very excited to see 4-5 ft sets rolling down the reef, with long lefts and no crowds, who could complain about that?
When we woke Thursday morning, a hint of off shore wind was in the air at the Lodge, and the swell was still around. After a quick breakfast, sun blocked up, and we hit Aganoa rights with both peaks offering up some rippable waves which all guests made the most of.
After a day of surfing, a quick game of beer pong was played with guests where they challenged the Aussie surf guides to hold their title (which they did). Whilst the sun set over in the west, our guests were treated to a all Aganoa staff Fia Fia dance and Cava ceramony which kept everyone in high spirits. With everyone danced out and our tummies full, we headed off to regenerate for the new day. 
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