Savaii, Samoa Halcoyon Days Sep 25, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Halcoyon Days
Sep 25, 2015

Crisp, clean peaks evolve slowly into wind-swept walls of waves as the drowsy dusk light drowns them in glimmering memories of the day.
The fact the swell is and lasy 3-4 ft is offset by the perfect wind vs. weather combination that we love at Aganoa Lodge. This all melted together in what was a fantastic first four days of our guests' stay.
Finally, the wind swung got the South-East, and our seamless streak was over. We ventured to ‘Middles’ and were rewarded with still conditions and friendly 2-3 ft surf.
As the final day approached for our guests, Aganoa put on quiet a show for them, they surfed from first light until the tide was too low then rested until the afternoon which turned it on with 3-4 ft sets and a magical sunset to top it off.
New addition to the Aganoa Lodge crew, Leahona, then led Thursday's cultural festivities from taking to guests to a tapa demonstration, climbing coconut trees in the plantation, participating in the traditional Samoan Fia Fia dance, coconut husking, creating fresh coconut milk for our guests to sample, and finally singing the national anthem with the help of our awesome other Samoan staffs. All whilst making the most amazing cocktails that have ever been seen in the lodge, what a legend!
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