Savaii, Samoa Onto Offshore Sep 22, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Onto Offshore
Sep 22, 2015

From the airport to the ferry, our new guests were amped to see what Aganoa had to offer. With high expectations, Aganoa did not disappoint! First session at the Aganoa saw 4-5 ft rights breaking from both peaks with a straight off-shore breeze. As the sun went down, our guests enjoyed their first Aganoa sunset whilst sipping on a cold beverage and reminiscing on their day.
Awakening the next day, Aganoa looked postcard perfect with the swell easing off to an extremely friendly 3-4 ft from the South-West accompanied by an Easterly wind.
Guests have been enjoying snorkelling straight out front of the Lodge on the low tides while being greeted by several friendly green sea turtles as they glide though the Lagoon.
It's been a dream start to a trip for these guys as the winds continue to blow East. Clean barreling waves each day and plenty of sun, everyone is in high spirits. With the report calling a slight increase in South Westerly swell, we are all excited to see what the week brings whilst making sure we do not wish the week away.
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