Telo Island Lodge Surf Report

With the pristine sunny conditions of the last few days, our current guests have been running through the varied roster of breaks on offer at Telo Island Lodge, here in Sumatra’s Batu Islands. The roll call went a little like this early in the trip: Clean Max’s left at 2 to 3 feet, "Tick”, the Kindies Schoolyards combo at a grunty 3 to 4 feet, “Tick”, Pinnacles at 2 to 4 feet in one of the worlds most exotic settings, “Tick”. This combo never gets old, and goofies and regular footers alike love it.

On the 6th, we woke to oil calm tropical conditions and standing on the boardwalk our view was a mirror like ocean stretching away to the southern horizon. We took the quick drive over to the ER and were greeted by the sight of perfect waves. Some of our mates from the other resort had made the long drive up into the magnetic north so we did the right thing and shared the two waves with one crew on the right and one crew on the left to ensure everyone got their fill.

Everyone’s energy levels are starting to wane at this stage of a trip, and this crew was no different. After a round of lunchtime tacos back at the lodge, our guests did like cats in the winter sun and put in some time in siesta land. The afternoon conditions are looking as good as the morning so we are about to wake the crew and get back out there.

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