Aganoa Lodge Surf Report


After a period of cloudy weather, the sun has finally crept through the clouds to show Samoa’s true colours, and I think our new tomatoes and baby purple basil are just as happy as us! Thankfully, an included gift with this new light is some great Easterly offshore winds. 

An SE swell has been sweeping through the Aganoa cove, and with this new wind, we have been given some great right and left hand peaks right in front of the lodge. It has meant we haven’t needed to travel further then 100 meters for waves.

Our cultural tour taught our guests of mat weaving and the creation of the traditional tapa cloth. After which, we took a trip to our fresh water remedy that is the Afu Afu falls. 

Hydroponically speaking, our tomatoes are almost ready just as our baby purple basil sprouts to see their first light. Fresh lettuce and herbs are always thriving just waiting to be added to your salad or meal. 

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