Savaii, Samoa Salt, Seeds & Saxophone Aug 31, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Salt, Seeds & Saxophone
Aug 31, 2015

We were lucky enough this week to have two talented brothers (in and out of the water) from New Caledonia who gladly serenaded the Lodge with their musical bliss. All of the guests took this moment to have some cold beverages, appreciate the magical sounds and indulge in the classic Aganoa sunset as it melted away in the distance. 
On the surf side of things, the winds have still been blowing out of the South East here at the lodge, thankfully middles has been offering us the early morning and golden hour sessions all week with 3-4 ft A-frames rolling though the empty line up! The forecast is looking very promising for the next few days, with fingers crossed, we are hoping that Aganoa starts to show us its true colours.
The Hydroponic Garden has had some new upgrades with the installation of the lodge's very own ‘Herb Table’. The lodge's two gardeners, Alex and Pule have been busy seeding the new herbs, and we have witnessed them sprout into action just within a few weeks. Our lucky guests have been the first to sample the Lemon Basil, Dill, Chilli and Chives throughout their meals. Flavoursome is what is on everyone's minds!
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