Savaii, Samoa Middles Madness Aug 28, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Middles Madness
Aug 28, 2015

As the South Eastly winds continue to blow at the lodge, we have been heading down to middles every afternoon. Each day, we have been treated with 2-4 ft A-frame delights all to ourselves, with barreling lefts and running rights. What more could one ask for?
Each day on our travels down the coast, we would stop off along the way and explore the many attractions that Savai’i has to offer. From breathtaking waterfalls, to mind blowing blow holes, we even managed to fit in a cultural tour lead by the Lodges wonderful Samoan owner Lanu Martin, which all the guests took part in and enjoyed every bit of it.
With the week ending with another amazing sunset in the Pacific, our minds are amped and excited to see what the new one brings.
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