Savaii, Samoa Fia Fia Aug 21, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Fia Fia
Aug 21, 2015

A traditional dance, the “Fia Fia” this week had some international influence at Aganoa Lodge. Our guests loved getting involved with the local dance theme, resulting in good times all around! The waves also continued to pulse with variable winds that were a pleasure to surf with.
When the winds weren’t favourable, we went to our onshore opposite - Middles - for forgiving clean faces. The A-frame receiving swell from two directions brought options of left or right depending on the SE or SW angle of the waves.
Apart from prolonged partying, the Aganoa Lodge crew enjoyed a variety of mouth-watering sashimi, one from every day this week, as an entree. Even though everyone was full from devouring the spectacular selection of starters, the main course buffet demanded second sampling with a plethora of enticing Samoan dishes ranging from umu-cooked pig and taro, to a tasty beef noodle salad, topped off with thinly cut taro chips and a mustard dressing.
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