Savaii, Samoa Fabulous Food And Wicked Waves Aug 14, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Fabulous Food And Wicked Waves
Aug 14, 2015

Divine pokè, marinated in a crave-inducing soy/garlic/ginger combination, wrapped in a crisp lettuce leaf grown from our onsite organic hydroponics, was a treat to our taste buds this week that completely complemented the Aganoa waves of a similar description. 
Gentle offshore winds fed 3-4 ft swells their necessary Easterly diet early on in the week, with a basking sun warming them to perfection. Aganoa Right and Left were putting on a buffet of surf for us to dine on, with an appetiser of calm conditions, main course of feathered lips and dessert of golden goodness.
Meanwhile, coming out of the kitchen was a pumping display of raw tuna renditions. From cajun seered, to the afore mentioned poke, to simply fresh - all with a side of gnarly wasabi soy sauce. The main course was crowded with popularity but there was still plenty to go round. It consisted of succulent pork carvings, BBQ chicken that was going off, a white wash of mustard salad dressing, an epic serve of steak and beers flowing consistently. 
The food was firing and the waves were delicious.
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