The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Telo Island Lodge Surf Report
Aug 10, 2015

We have been clocking in for some non-surf activities the last few days. A scooter tour of the main island and local markets didn’t disappoint, and the snorkeling equipment and fishing gear has been getting a workout as well. We also broke the surfing up with a session on sand at the beach break down the coast spending a few hours surfing 2-3 foot waves ruffled by an “air-wind”.
On the 10th, we were back out at the ER in waist to shoulder high off-shore conditions, barrels, turns, and wipe-outs. We're racked and packed and stacked before a 12 O’ Clock departure for a 12.20 lunch of squid salad on the front deck watching Max’s Right. The afternoon sesh was round in the back yard at the left and was a perfect roll-in to sunset.
There is a rise in swell forecast to materialise overnight so hopefully we are greeted by some solid waves out front tomorrow.
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