The Telo Islands, Indonesia Telo Island Lodge Surf Report Jul 02, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Telo Island Lodge Surf Report
Jul 02, 2015

With the slow decline of the “Swell of the Decade” that sent big perfect waves to most parts of Indonesia, we have been kept pretty busy out at the lodge making the most of great conditions as the various breaks turn on and off. Currently, the waves the guests are surfing are overhead to a little overhead and super fun.
We have been putting in lots of time at two of the more user friendly spots (Le-Ba and Max’s left), and with forecasts indicating that the surf will stay in this size range, we are planning to hit some of the other breaks in the region and take advantage of the light and variable winds and “vary the menu" for everyone. With the easing of the big swell, it’s great to see the water movement slow down and  more moderate fun surf returns.
The slow cruise home from the break and fishing option have been in full force, and despite average results on the fish front, it's been smiles all round. Things are set-up for our existing guests to enjoy great waves for the last few days of their trip, and hopefully the forecast runs true and the incoming guests score some of that as well.
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