The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Telo Island Lodge Surf Report
Jul 04, 2015

With a steady wind from a single direction the last few days post big swell the surf has been well groomed. There has been a nice decline and guests have been making the most of fun consistent waves in the 3 foot range. 
We have focused our attention on Max’s left for the morning sessions to make the most of things and enjoy the short commute to the backyard and then in the afternoon we went for a hit-out further afield to Kindies and scored super fun smaller waves.
With less options due to the single wind direction we have been up early and making the most of sessions by ourselves. With plane day today our new arrivals blew the cobwebs off and got stuck into a session at the left in preparation for the swell that, fingers crossed is forecast to hit in a few days time.
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