Savaii, Samoa Nature, Colour And Culture Jul 03, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Nature, Colour And Culture
Jul 03, 2015

This week all surfing has been done on the Southwest and West coasts of Savai’i due to the trade winds. While plenty of fun waves were had, this is a great opportunity to showcase some of our go-to non-surf options.
The organic green of our hydroponics set up, enticing turquoise of the Aganoa lagoon, personality reflecting rainbow of the Fa’ala Woman’s Committee uniform, fierce orange of impressive fire twirling, pristine flow of the waterfall and earthy browns of the traditional tapa demonstration all played a part in exploring Savai’i without surf.
The Fa’ala Woman’s Committee welcomed us with vibrant personalities and sweet, melodic island songs which were rivalled in enthusiasm only by their engaging Samoan fia fia dance. Cultural education of tapa making with hands-on traditional painting was the start of our local journey to then learn of taro planting techniques and how to climb a coconut tree, which eventually resolved in an explosive display of Samoan fire twirling on our weekly “Umu” night.
On top of all of this, we enjoyed paddle boarding metres from our beach front fales in an ocean that loves to stay at the perfect temperature for us all the time. Loving it.
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