Savaii, Samoa Home Vs Away Jul 07, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Home Vs Away
Jul 07, 2015

We’ve been lucky enough this week to have great waves on the home field out the front at Aganoa Right or on the away court at Middles. Fortunately for us, what ever venue we choose, we don’t have a team to verse anyway. Just us surfing with us.
Aganoa right has been producing some 4-6ft gems while Middles has been a little more subtle with clean 2-4ft a lefts and rights. So far, we’ve gone for four surfs with four wins and zero metaphorical goals conceded. The varying wind from favourable directions has made this possible along with the help of our referee, Huey.
Team moral is high, with plenty of exciting times ahead, refreshing afternoon celebration has been a crucial part of every day. 
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