Savaii, Samoa The Savai’i Jul 29, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
The Savai’i
Jul 29, 2015

Another week of trades here on Savai’i means that we've had to travel to our secret spot(s) around the corner in an effort to make the unfavourable, well, favourable. A consistent 5-6 ft short period wind swell, a gift of the wind, resulted in enough of a wrap to make the south-west and west coasts of the island start working . . . assuming you know where to look.
Coconut Grove had been our savior with some clean 3-5 ft lefts peeling down the lava rock fingers of reef on this forgotten little piece of the Pacific. K-land has also been good to us through the start of the week, giving us reprieve from the wind and delivering waves similar to a point break on the East Coast of Australia - Think 2-3 ft Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast) as a left-hander.
Even with the “devil wind” blowing in through the front door, the photos prove that life is still good here at Aganoa Lodge Samoa. 
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