The Telo Islands, Indonesia Telo Island Lodge Surf Report Jul 30, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Telo Island Lodge Surf Report
Jul 30, 2015

It’s been astoundingly perfect “Bar Conditions” the last few days, and we have managed to make the most of it and give the ocean a bit of a break from our guests constant slicing and carving so it can recover before a return to normal programming with the forecast pulse in a few days time.
Despite the calm that has descended on most of Indonesia, we were still able to put the guests into fun little waves on specific tides round in the back yard at "Max’s Left”  where the gin clear water and bright sunny days coupled up with the odd waist to shoulder high wave have made for great fun outdoors.
Today saw a shifting breeze making things extra tricky on the location selection, but we eventually scored a great session at “Kindies” in super clean 3 foot conditions. The super long swell period gave everyone plenty of time to position themselves between sets so everybody managed to score more than a few great waves. The predicted rise is forecast to begin showing today (31/07/2015) so you can guess where we will be as you read this report. The busy part of the season has past now and the glory of August and September just round the corner, there’s lots to be happy about.
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