Savaii, Samoa Late Afternoon Life Jul 20, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Late Afternoon Life
Jul 20, 2015

The surf has been on-and-off at 2-3 ft as of late with quite variable winds. We have plans to travel for waves over the coming days with a building swell, but for this update, I’d like to draw your attention to our chilled out afternoon spent snorkelling, playing ping pong, and relaxing with also a little bit of info about the Aganoa hydroponics. 
Ping pong traditionally goes hand in hand with surf culture so it's essential that every so often, we battle it out at the "ping pong stadium" over a few beers. An Aganoa afternoon is very well spent doing this.
Aganoa lagoon is like a nursery for baby fish of many tropical types due to a shelf that acts as protection from predators. This being the case, the snorkelling only metres from your beach front fales is a pristine experience thriving with juvenile reef activity.
Botanically speaking, our cucumbers have been pollinated and are growing by the day. The particular process happens when the pollen from a male flower is transferred to the female one. Pictured, is one growing that we pollinated ourselves with a paint brush, we guessed the insects were feeling a little lazy that day. 
Just as the dropping sun does to afternoon Aganoa aesthetics, we're stoked to shed some light on post lunchtime life here at the lodge!
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