Telo Island Lodge Surf Report

The waves have been really fun the last few days, and the swell we were hoping for on the 10th did in fact materialise, and better yet, it decided to hang out for a while longer than expected so we have enjoyed great waves since. 

The 15th was a special day with light winds and sunny skies combining to give us those classic, sparkling, oil-smooth conditions that only this part of the tropics can deliver. We had sessions at both "Max’s Left" and "Le-Ba” in really fun user-friendly waves.

On the 16th, we opted for the early kick-off and scored "Max's left” again without another soul in sight at a more than presentable 3-4 foot with perfect light and variable wind. The afternoon saw a slight increase in the pace, and we got to have a crack at some solid “Kindies” in the 4-6 foot range and rode along as the guests stepped out of their comfort zone and really took it on. At size, this wave can open even the most stubborn adrenaline glands so a really memorable session was added to the log.

It looks like things are going to hold through tomorrow so the back half of this trip is looking great.

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