Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report


Clean 4-6 ft Aganoa Rights weren’t the only tasty thing to welcome the new arrivals this week. Our hydroponics set up is now in full swing and ready to impress. If you like organic, fresh and flavoursome lettuce, herbs and vegetables, then let me walk you through our living and breathing green machine. 

Many types of lettuce, bok choy, rocket, corriander, mint, thyme, oragano, mustard leaves, basil, lemon basil, cayenne pepper, chilli, tomato, capsicum, beans, garlic chives, and sage are all growing right behind your beach front fales in our on-site hydroponics set up. Now that it is functioning, we’ll keep you updated on the latest!

Plenty of fun has been had on foamies in the corner, sampling the fresh veg, carving lines through Aganoa Right, at the waterfall or even just relaxing at our fales. Great start to the week, we have some plans to get out and about over the next few days. 

We also welcome the arrival of our new chef, Alai, who will be working closely with our hydro set up to bring the freshest flavours to your plate.

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