The Telo Islands, Indonesia Telo Island Lodge Surf Report Jul 10, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Telo Island Lodge Surf Report
Jul 10, 2015

There has been a great run of fun surf the last few days in the Telo Islands that has combined with nice cooling tropical showers rolling through on the light and variable breeze. The wind shifts have also opened up a lot of options as they combined with the pulse of swell that hit on the 8th. At the start of the swell, we surfed “Hogdogs” and “Kindies” and the guests have managed to start racking up a pretty respectable wave tally.
As the swell filled in on the 9th, we added “The Bubble” to the list of breaks this group have surfed, and after gorging ourselves on waves, we did the same back at the lunch table and watched “Max’s Right” in the front yard pumping. The photo of the blue boat is the view from the lunch table on our deck that day. As you can imagine we were not going anywhere after lunch and the guests and guides pretty much nailed it till dark in pristine 4-6 foot conditions.
Today (10th), we filled up again on “Le-Ba” till around lunchtime and the afternoon session awaits us. With lots more swell in the pipe, it’s happy days in Sumatra at Telo Island Lodge.
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