Savaii, Samoa Time To Connect Dec 05, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Time To Connect
Dec 05, 2015

With the Web down the second half of this week, it has been books and pumping waves for our guests. We also had a chance to see the blowholes on a cyclone swell and awe at the incredible power of the ocean as it sent jets of water 50 feet into the sky -- a truly humbling sight.
Blue pools delivered this week with the cyclone sending picture-perfect 3-4 ft peeling left-handers down the reef while being framed by rainbows over the mountains -- and not another soul in sight. After the morning sessions (that sometimes lasted into the afternoon), we would head back to Aganoa to recharge. Once we had recovered, it was off to enjoy some fresh water swimming at the waterfall. A great way to wash off the salt and recharge for another great session the next day.
It has been a week of quiet morning barrels and multiple turns on nearly every wave. It’s great watching guests start to really connect with a wave and understand how it works -- maximizing every ride they get until the arms can't catch another wave.
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