Savaii, Samoa Welcome To The Family Dec 20, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Welcome To The Family
Dec 20, 2015

As another week comes to a close at Aganoa, we say goodbye to more guests that have become a part of the Aganoa family. Great friendships were made, and great experiences were shared with new friends each day, while some great rivalries were celebrated over the ping-pong table. It was a week of laughing, cheering and groaning of narrow victories and defeats.
Words cannot convey how picture perfect the waves became in the second half of this week. Not a single drop of water was out of place as two-foot peaks graced the reef; it was a sight that was truly mesmerizing to watch such flawless waves breaking whilst eating breakfast.
However, the making of new friends as well as the smiles and laughters that came along with the scene, are what was shining brighter than the sun. Hours spent beyond the reef drop off snorkeling and finding turtles were complemented with hours of swimming in the beautiful clear water around the waterfall – all were made better by the fact it was shared with new friends.
While cold drinks and great food were being enjoyed and faultless waves turned golden by a spectacular sunset – sharing of stories, excitement and joy in reminiscing all the great memories of the day continued as another day came to a close in the South Pacific.
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