Savaii, Samoa Ping-pong? You're On Dec 15, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Ping-pong? You're On
Dec 15, 2015

A new week arrived at Aganoa, along with our new guests, a new swell for the weekend, and a new home for our ping-pong table!
The new swell arrived Sunday morning rolling onto the reef at a fun four-foot. Our new guests were eager to get wet, and with the help of the local kids and guides, we were able to get into position for some amazing waves.
The next day called for a change of venue so we headed down to playgrounds for some clean lefthanders, but with the sun out and every hue of the rainbow bursting with vibrancy and colors, the scenery was doing its best to distract the guests from the waves. Not only that, Aganoa reef and its fishes have also been dazzling our guests with their wide range of colors, shapes and sizes.
Between marveling at the reef and sceneries Aganoa has to offer, our guests have had their eyes on the little white ball. The ping-pong table has been the gathering place for staffs and guests alike to compete and spectate in what is being dubbed the greatest ping-pong championship ever witnessed in Samoa! With the week only half down, we feel that there will be more heated battles to come; stay tuned for scores and results.
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