The Telo Islands, Indonesia Late Season Favor Nov 29, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Late Season Favor
Nov 29, 2015

In the late season of Indo, there aren't typically many waves on offer, but here at the Telo Island Lodge, we seem to get really lucky. 
The last few days have been on the small side, but our guests have found surf around the corner at Max’s Left with some nice waves rolling down the point in the 1-3 ft range. The wave gets a little inconsistent as the tide drops around lunch time, but we have noticed the swell has been picking up an hour or so after the tide changes -- and we've been on it. 
We have been surfing mainly by ourselves but we have also been sharing a few waves with a nice group of guys. We always share the waves when there happens to be others in the water as there are plenty to go around, and that is the vibe here in the Telos. 
The guests also went on our Telo Island tour on the motorbikes and grabbed a couple of beers at the local bar. It is always a great experience going to Telo and seeing the local culture.
On the swell front, it's looking like a little bump in the next day or 2 so you will know where to find us...
Stay tuned for more adventures.
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