Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - A Trip to Coconut Grove

With the swell dropping over the last few days, everyone's been able to sink their teeth into some really playful and enjoyable surf. When we weren't in the water reveling in the smaller swell, we were swimming with turtles, indulging in cold beers / cocktails, and enjoying superb food.

To mix it up a bit, we took the guests on a trip across the island of Savai'i to Coconut Grove.

On our way past lovers leap -- an astonishingly high cliff that drops vertically into the ocean -- Lee, our legendary Samoan surf guide explained why it's named lovers leap to our guests and answered many a question about traditional Samoan culture. Lee also hand-crafted the group some great palm frond hats.

While at Coconut Grove the guests spent their time exploring cultural sites, old ruins, and basked in some of the natural beauty that Samoa has to offer. The sightseeing was hot work, so we jumped back into the car and headed to one of Samoa’s lovely lagoons for a swim and paddle board. The views from the Pacific Ocean looking back at the landscape that makes up Samoa were breathtaking.

It was a great trip for these Aganoa guests; getting tons of water time but also having the opportunity to indulge in the cultural and natural splendor that is Samoa.

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